Keeping milk fresh: a dairy lover’s guide

At the store

Make the dairy case your last stop before checking out. Then, at the checkout counter, have milk packed with other refrigerated or frozen foods.

On the way home

Don’t leave milk in a hot car while you run other errands. 15-20 minutes in a hot car can raise the temperature of a carton of milk ten degrees.

At home

Safe storage for milk is cold, clean and dark. Refrigerate milk as soon as you get home, before you unpack your other groceries.

Keeping milk fresh: a dairy lover’s guide
Chart - Milk stored at temperatures

Most important

Keep refrigerator temperature at 40° or lower. As the refrigerator temperature goes up, the storage life of milk goes down (see chart).

After opening, ultra-pasteurized and all other fluid milk products should be consumed within approximately seven days, despite the sell by date.

Many ultra-pasteurized milk products will keep up to a month if properly chilled at 40° or below as long as the products remain sealed.

Temperature control is important. One degree will affect freshness.