the milk you drink.

With a whole new look, but the same rich and creamy fresh taste,
Skim Plus® Milk is everything you love about milk, and nothing you don’t — no fat, no artificial growth hormones ever.



the protein of
almond milk


High in


no artificial growth
hormones added *


tested for
antibiotics **

† Refer to chart on Products page for reference *According to the FDA, no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rSBT treated and non-rSBT treated cows.**All milk is only being tested for beta lactam antibiotics.


the milk that loves you back.

Totally delicious and totally digestible
Fat Free Milk is everything you
love about milk
with no digestion issues.


What our customers
Love about Skim Plus:

I use Skim Plus milk every single day for everything! Coffee, baking, cooking, drinking and anything that needs milk. I love the taste, it’s better than whole milk and is packed with protein and little carbs. LOVE this milk!”

— Carolyn C.

Love to get more protein in your diet?

Skim Plus has 11 TIMES MORE PROTEIN than
almond milk to help keep your body strong all day long.


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the many uses for Skim Plus

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