Skim Plus® Original Fat Free Milk

Balancing work, family, and your personal life requires you to be superhero sometimes.
Skim Plus Original Fat Free Milk has the nutrition to keep you going throughout your day,
as well as the great taste that you deserve. Skim Plus Milk skims the fat not the flavor.
Extra protein and calcium make Skim Plus Milk creamy and rich, and healthy.
Our Skim Plus Milk is 100% real milk with no added hormones*.

“Skim Plus became my go-to choice because it lasts longer than other milks (without added preservatives), plus it actually tastes better! The richness makes it feel like an indulgence without the extra fat, which is just what I want after a week of being on the road. Thanks, Skim Plus!” – Courtney K.


Our fans all have the same reaction after taking a sip of Skim Plus Milk. Rich and creamy with indulgent fresh taste, it’s hard to believe you’re drinking fat-free milk. You can also use Skim Plus Milk to make delicious recipes without having to worry about any unnecessary calories or fat.

No Artificial Growth Hormones

Skim Plus Milk is 100% real milk. No artificial growth hormones. No antibiotics.** Each glass is filled with only healthy, nutritious ingredients.

Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

Skim Plus Milk takes everything nutritious about milk and then takes it to the next level. How? Let’s start with protein. Skim Plus Original has 11g of protein per serving. That’s 11x more protein than almond milk.+ That’s important because it gives your body the micronutrients it needs to keep you going throughout the busy day. Protein does more than give you the “get up and go” to have a successful day, though. It is essential for overall muscle health and is also known to suppress your appetite.1 When it comes to calcium, Skim Plus Milk is what you need.

*According to the FDA, no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rSBT treated and non-rSBT treated cows.
**All milk is only being tested for beta lactam antibiotics. 110 Science-backed Reasons to Eat More Protein; Healthline