the milk you drink.

Rich and creamy, with indulgent fresh taste, Skim Plus® Milk is everything you love about milk, and nothing you don’t — no fat and no artificial growth hormones — ever. That’s why it’s perfect for cooking your favorite recipes, in your post-workout smoothie or to just enjoy on its own.

Great taste. Healthy with ten essential nutrients. In short, we skim the fat, not the flavor. Take a look at some reasons why our fans are sharing their love for Skim Plus Milk:



the protein of
almond milk


High in


no artificial growth
hormones added *


tested for
antibiotics **

“I use Skim Plus milk every single day for everything! Coffee, baking, cooking, drinking and anything that needs milk. I love the taste, it’s better than whole milk and is packed with protein and little carbs. LOVE this milk!” — Carolyn C.

From the rich taste of our Skim Plus® Original Fat Free milk to our digestion-friendly Skim Plus® Lactose Free Fat Free milk, Skim Plus Milk has something for everyone.

Love the milk you drink and feel good about your entire family enjoying it with all the nutritional advantages Skim Plus Milk provides.

Real Milk. Real Nutrition.

There are many nutritional benefits to milk. Skim Plus Milk takes it a step further. You get 37% more protein than almond milk to help you power through your day. When you add these to the ten essential nutrients, and nine essential amino acids Skim Plus Milk provides, you can feel good knowing you’re getting a nutrition-packed glass of milk.

Our Products

Skim Plus Original Fat Free Milk

Extra protein. Extra calcium. Extra delicious. There’s nothing not to love about Skim Plus Milk. Rich and creamy with indulgent fresh taste, Skim Plus Original Fat Free Milk has everything you need and skips everything you don’t—no fat and no artificial growth hormones. We’ll drink to that.

Skim Plus Lactose Free Fat Free Milk

Skim Plus Lactose Free lets you have your milk – and drink it, too! There is no lactose and not an ounce of fat, but it is filled with taste and it’s easier to digest! Like all Skim Plus milk, our Lactose Free milk has no artificial growth hormones. With all the inherent nutritional advantages of Skim Plus Milk — including more calcium and protein than whole milk – you won’t miss out on any health benefits associated with regular milk.



*According to the FDA, no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rSBT treated and non-rSBT treated cows. **All milk is only being tested for beta lactam antibiotics.